About Holistika

The beginning of Holistika

Originally I founded Holistika in 2007 as a second publishing house as spiritual books did not fit into the program of my first publishing house with books about pet keeping. With Holistika books, I want to make holistic thinking accessible to a broad public in my belief in a development of consciousness that seeks a different way of dealing with people among themselves and with their environment.

Holistika as Publishing house

• First, in 2008, I published the book „Es begann in Babylon“ of my teacher of reincarnation techniqes, Dr. Jan Erik Sigdel. It was the first book published although the publishing house was intended to be founded for the distribution of my own book about the investigation of an indian prophecy method.

• In 2011 my book „The Indian Secret“ about palm leaf libraries was published. While researching the phenomenon of individual fortune telling for today’s visitors altough recorded thousands of years ago, I myself received several palm leaf readings in several countries. Among other things, it was predicted in 2008 and 2010 that I would learn healing techniques and not only write but also translate books.

• In late summer 2017, I published my translation of the book „Iyashino Gendai Reiki Hō“ after completing my training in the Gendai Reiki methods with the Gokuikaiden teacher level in Japan with Hiroshi Doi Sensei.

• A few months later followed another book project, „Gendai Reiki Hō“ which translated from Japanese into German. Gendai Reiki is a Reiki style from Japan that combines practices of the Western-developed Reiki and traditional Japanese techniques.

• In the summer of 2018, the next publication „Reiki – Praktischer Bild-Leitfaden“ by the author and Reiki master Frank Glatzer was published. Unique among the books about Reiki, the Japanese origin method of healing by laying on hands, this practice-oriented guide is illustrated with more than 50 colour photographs mainly by hand positions.

• At the beginning of 2019, my German translation of „Das Herz des Reiki-Systems“ written by the internationally renowned Reiki teacher Frans Stiene was published. It is the first Reiki book to look at the inner essence of the spiritual teachings of the Reiki system.

• In autumn 2020 a book written by Jürgen Bongard on the secrets of the Cathedral of Chartres was published. Jürgen is an instructor at the DGH (Umbrella association of spiritual healing), runs with his wife Conny the Institute for Spiritual Healing Art in Rheinbach and has studied archaeology before.

Holistika as training center

• Being trained myself as Relaxation therapist (9 month healing practitioners school in Aachen), Chakra healing therapist (12 month training chakra healing institution in Rheinbach), Reiki master/teacher (different lineages including master/teacher training with Hiroshi Doi Sensei in Japan and master/teacher training with Frans Stiene in Germany) I give Reiki seminars and workshops about useful combination tools from other healing methods.

Holistika as travel organizer

• In addition to books, Holistika also offers trips with it´s authors: in recent years with me, author Oliver Drewes (book „The Indian Secret“) to the Palm Leaf Libraries to India or Sri Lanka. In 2018 and 2019 I accompanied the trips of the author Jürgen Bongard to the Cathedral of Chartres. In 2019 and, after a corona-break, this year again with author Frans Stiene (book „The Heart of the Reiki System“) and me as a tour operator/translator to Japan. There is also the possibility to participate in a meeting with Hiroshi Doi, author (books „Gendai Reiki Ho“ and Iyashino Gendai Reiki Ho) and founder of the Gendai Reiki method.

Holistika shop

•Holistika books can be purchased at the website online. Reiki students can buy Japanese hanging scrolls with the Reiki symbol or the Reiki precepts as handmade calligraphy in the seminars. An online shop with equipment for treatment and teaching is about to be set up soon. At the moment the product research and distributor selection is in process.